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Cerakote is a relatively new coating process. Although it was developed for the firearm industry but has proven to be a good protective coating for many other items as well. It has a ceramic base and can be applied to metal, wood, polymers and plastic. Unlike powder or liquid coatings, Cerakote is very thin (about .001″), while still being able to provide a highly durable and protective finish.

At RC Refinishing, our team is factory certified by Cerakote. This insures that their precise coating process is followed step by step, making certain the finish meets its full potential. Cerakote can enhance many physical surface properties like abrasion/wear resistance, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, impact strength and hardness. All this making an ideal coating for firearms, knives or other high performance items. Cerakote leads the industry in cutting edge technology and has meticulously tested their products, perfecting them out of their own laboratory.

Popular Items: Firearms, knives, auto parts, sports or workout equipment, etc.

Benefits :

– Highly protective finish
– Thin coating (About 1 mil, or .001″)
– High temperature/performance coating

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