Powder Coating

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RC Refinishing specializes in both Powder Coating and Liquid Coatings. However, there are certain advantages that powder has over wet coatings. Powder Coating is a dry finishing process that is very popular among the industrial industry. It is applied as a free-flowing powder that is charged electrically, so that it can easily adhere to a grounded surface. The coated material is then cured in a high temperature oven so that the powder may harden and fuse with the surface. The end result is a durable, long lasting, attractive finish, that is tough to match with traditional liquid coatings. Consistency in color makes powder coating an ideal choice for decorative coatings.

In addition to concealing minor surface flaws, by combining different variations of color and textures, you can achieve stunning special effects that other coating applications can’t. Finishes like high gloss, candies, metallic, satin, wrinkled, glittered, etc.

Last but not least, powder coating is better for the environment compared to other finishes because it contains no solvents. Meaning there is negligible amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC), if any. Another advantage is curing time, which is minimal compared to wet coatings.

Popular items: Appliances; Refrigerators, oven doors, washer tops/lids, toaster ovens, kitchen-aid mixers, food processors, etc. Home items; Metal furniture, barbecues, garden tools, lawn mowers, electronics, toolboxes, fire extinguishers, patio furniture, etc. Automotive; Wheels/rims, hubcaps, radiators, bumpers, etc. Industrial; Signs, guard rails, light poles, trash cans, metal benches, display racks, etc. Misc/Everyday items; Sports/workout equipment, bicycles, wagons, metal toys, computer cabinets, etc.

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